24 Nov 2009

Jetstar wheelchairs alleged unsafe

7:02 pm on 24 November 2009

Jetstar is investigating claims a Melbourne man was injured after falling from one of the airline's wheelchairs.

Trevor Carroll says he spent six days in hospital after the wheelchair tipped over at Melbourne airport while he was being pushed by a Jetstar employee.

His claims come after a Paralympian, Kurt Fearnley, decided to crawl through the terminal because in his view the Jetstar wheelchair was unsuitable. He'd had to surrender his own at check-in. Jetstar has since apologised to him for his treatment.

Mr Carroll says he handed over his four-wheeled walking frame on a Jetstar flight earlier this month, but it was broken in the baggage hold.

The airline offered to fix it, but he had no way to get home.

He says a Jetstar staff member then wheeled him out of the terminal but "when she went down the pedestrian crossing, she hit the kerb with the front of the wheelchair and tipped me out. I spent six days in hospital."

He says he wrote to Jetstar about the incident last week, but has not received a reply. The airline says it will be contacting him.