10 Dec 2009

Tiger Woods's mother-in-law in hospital

5:34 pm on 10 December 2009

Tiger Woods's mother-in-law is in a stable condition after being taken from his Florida home in an ambulance early on Tuesday.

Health Central Hospital says Barbro Holmberg was admitted suffering from stomach pain.

TV footage was earlier broadcast of a blond woman being taken from the house on a stretcher.

Last week, Woods apologised to his family for letting them down amid speculation about his private life.

The BBC reports the statement came days after he was found bleeding and semi-conscious after his car hit a tree and fire hydrant outside his home at 2.30am on 27 November.

Woods was later charged with careless driving and fined $US164.

Reports say Woods's mother-in-law, who lives in Sweden, has been visiting her daughter Elin, a former model to whom Woods has been married for five years. The couple have two children.

Mrs Holmberg is a former government minister in Sweden who is currently governor of Gavleborg County.