6 Dec 2011

Pledge by Afghanistan to do more against corruption

8:18 am on 6 December 2011

Afghanistan has pledged to step its fight against corruption in return for international support after foreign forces withdraw in 2014.

The promise came at the end of a one-day global conference in Bonn, Germany, on Monday on Afghanistan's future.

However, Pakistan has boycotted the talks. Islamabad is angered by a NATO attack on a border checkpoint on 26 November that killed 24 soldiers.

The closing communique from the conference said substantial progress had been made since the last conference 10 years ago, after the Taliban was toppled.

It said the international community is ready to stand by Afghanistan after NATO's withdraw - in exchange for good governance.

The BBC reports about 1000 delegates from 100 countries and international organisations attended.

Efforts to hold talks with the Taliban have brought no tangible result so far.

Former President Burhanuddin Rabbani, who was leading Kabul's effort to broker a peace with them, was assassinated in September.