9 Jan 2012

Prowess of North Korea's new leader extolled

8:15 am on 9 January 2012

North Korea has marked the birthday of its new leader, Kim Jong-un, with a documentary on state television.

The programme extols Kim Jong-un's virtues as the supreme military commander, describing him as the genius among geniuses.

It shows him manoeuvring a tank, watching jet fighter and firing exercises and posing for photographs with soldiers.

It also shows him with his father shaking hands with officials at a satellite control centre after scientists launched a rocket in April 2009.

The BBC says the documentary confirms that Kim Jong-un was being groomed for the role then. His father, Kim Jong-il, died on 17 December.

A BBC correspondent says websites linked to the North Korean government are already describing the new leader as having the wisdom of great men, extraordinary competence and military brilliance.