19 Feb 2012

'New evidence' on missing British peer

7:44 am on 19 February 2012

Evidence that missing British aristocrat Lord Lucan was smuggled out of the UK to a secret life abroad has come from two new witnesses.

The disappearance of Lord Lucan has fascinated Britons since he went missing in 1974 after the murder of his children's nanny.

A former detective says there's been a credible sighting of the lord in Africa.

And a woman who worked for Lucan's friend, John Aspinall, told the BBC she arranged for his children to fly to Africa where the peer could view them "from a distance".

Lucan disappeared in 1974 after the murder of his children's nanny.

Sandra Rivett was found dead at Lucan's home in Belgravia, London.

The peer's blood-soaked car was later found abandoned in Newhaven, East Sussex.

The Metropolitan Police said any "significant" new information about her death would "be fully considered".

Since Lucan's disappearance there have been more than 70 alleged sightings of him in countries across the world including South Africa, Australia, Ireland and the Netherlands.