24 May 2016

Online viewing picks of the week (24 May)

From Widescreen, 11:15 am on 24 May 2016

The best* online video we’ve been watching over the last seven days.

This isn’t new but can always stand to be re-upped – Tony Zhou on how Jackie Chan’s approach to action comedy sets the benchmark.


Somehow we missed this a few weeks ago – the 75th anniversary of the premiere of Citizen Kane was celebrated by this supercut by Jacob T. Swinney. Hollywood homages Welles’ masterpiece (including a David Fincher video for Madonna!):


For Fandor, Conor Bateman recuts Malick’s Knight of Cups into something in the tradition of the ‘City Symphonies’ made famous in the first half of the 20th century (specifically Sheeler & Strand’s Manhatta from 1921). If you were curious about watching Knight of Cups after reading Dan Slevin’s review, maybe this video will answer your question better than the whole thing...


[*May not be the actual best. We haven’t watched the entire internet. If there’s anything you know of that we’ve missed, let us know at widescreen@rnz.co.nz]