2 May 2002

Solomons police minister reluctant to sign gun-free declaration

3:47 pm on 2 May 2002

The Solomon Islands police minister, Benjamin Una, says he's reluctant to sign a declaration that he has no gun.

Six parliamentarians have so far signed the declaration that they and their families are gun-free.

The declaration was launched by MP Simeon Bouro as part of a campaign to collect illegally held weapons before the expiry of an amnesty at the end of May.

This also comes after a former prime minister claimed in parliament that several members, including cabinet ministers, are holding on to weapons illegally.

While welcoming the intitiative, Mr Una, who is in charge of collecting the weapons, says he has nothing to prove.

"Well I feel reluctant to sign the document, because I know exactly - I do not have any weapons in my possession,or even my brothers or even one of my relatives, do not have any weapons, at home or in their possession elsewhere"

Benjamin Una