6 May 2002

Solomon Islands policeman arrested after firing shots in Honaira

10:25 am on 6 May 2002

Solomon Islands police have disarmed one of their members .

The sergeant of the police field force had discharged his gun in public in Honiara.

George Atkin reports.

"Police Commissioner Morton Sirieheti says the sergeant is now in custody and will be appearing in court as soon as possible. Mr Siriheti says the police cannot tolerate armed officers and others firing their guns at random. Meanwhile, a government plan to have the police and the Solomons Islands Christian Association to involve their members in the collection of weapons from former militants and others is still to get off the ground. The Asociation appears to be uncommitted about the plan because it says it doesn't know anything about it and only became aware of it through the media. The government plans to use the service to have officers and the church members to be engaged in counseling and disarming armed former militants to be given a religious blessing before they venture into the task."