22 May 2002

Fiji lawyer wants criminal charges brought against police

2:26 pm on 22 May 2002

The Fiji lawyer who's laid complaints about alleged police brutality is calling for the officers involved to face criminal charges.

Faizal Koya says his client, Narendra Michael, had to be admitted to intensive care after a beating by three police officers in the Nadi station.

He says his client voluntarily went to the station for questioning over an incident, and a confession was forced out of him over 48 hours.

Mr Koya says he'll take further action if the police do not press charges within 14 days.

"I've asked the Police Commissions Office to immediately investigate this complaint and I've given them a specified time to interview my client and have these officers who allegedly assaulted my client charged within the limited time. If its not done then i shall be taking it up with the appropriate ministry."

Mr Koya says he's now aware of several complaints being laid against the police over the treatment of people in custody.