3 Oct 2002

Solomon islands Peace Monitoring Council says its work must continue

11:25 am on 3 October 2002

The Peace Monitoring Council in Solomon Islands is about to close its operations but says its job is incomplete.

The PMC was set up for a two year period under the Townsville Peace Agreement to help maintain peace and foster a return to normality.

That time is now up and the PMC will disband on Octobver 15th.

But the PMC Chairman Paul Tovua says there is a need for the work to continue because the factions on Guadalcanal are not at peace with themselves.

Mr Tovua says there is broad public support for the peace monitoring work to continue.

"There are communities in Guadalcanal and Malaita whom we have visited many times during our peace activities who are saying that the PMC or an organisation should take its place to continue some of the activities."

The PMC wants the Government to indicate what it will do and Mr Tovua says he will also raise the issue with the visiting diplomatic mission from Australia and New Zealand.