29 Nov 2002

More warnings about impact of AIDS on PNG

11:49 am on 29 November 2002

Health Authorities in Papua New Guinea are again warning that the country is on the brink of an economic and social crisis because of a rise of confirmed cases of HIV/ AIDS.

The National Aids Report says 100 people get infected with the HIV virus every month.

Apollis Yimbak from the Western Highlands Provincial Aids Committee says there are more than 15-hundred full blown AIDS cases in the province.

He says the HIV/AIDS virus is rapidly killing off a generation vital to PNG's future.

"When we look at the population and the future we will be left with the children and the older people and we won't have the younger people in our country. The HIV/AIDS virus will bring the population down. The growth will come down and the economy of this country will come down because these are the people who have got the strength to develop this country."

Apollis Yimbak from the Western Highlands Aids Committee.