12 Dec 2002

Fijian nationalist jailed for two years

11:08 am on 12 December 2002

The Fijian nationalist convicted in the country's first ever misprision of treason trial has called for the prosecution of others involved in the coup.

Viliame Savu made the call after he was sentenced to two years jail yesterday.

The Fiji Times quotes Savu as saying that it would be in the interests of justice to lay similar charges against those present at meetings where the coup was planned.

The names of SDL Senator, Apisai Tora who spearheaded the overthrow of the Chaudhry government, former secretary of the SVT Party Jone Banuve, businessman Jioji Bakoso and Manas Vocea were among others mentioned as being present at the meetings.

Savu has been jailed for having prior knowledge of the coup but failing to inform the authorities about it.

Sentencing Savu, Justice anthony Gates said the coup had affected the lives of everyone in the country and had brought misery and shame to the nation.

He said the two year sentence will teach younger people to respect the rule of law.

Justice Gates said he had taken into account Savu's regret at his actions.