26 Jun 2003

PNG government coalition in danger of splitting

10:29 am on 26 June 2003

An open revolt against Papua New Guinea's Prime Minister by the Governor of Madang province is threatening the stability of the coalition government.

James Yali, who's a founding member of the ruling National Alliance party says Sir Michael Somare has shown poor leadership in managing the coalition and complacency towards the provinces.

He says some ministers were making the decisions and holding up provincial funds, contravening agreements between the National Alliance and coalition partners.

Mr Yali says he has asked to be sacked from the party and other politicians have indicated they will follow him.

"I cannot cope with complacency and incompetence. I am only voicing what has been all the time a concern for colleagues and partners. I have the support of Governor Carlos Yuni and others. The Prime Minister seems to have no power at all - only three or four ministers are controlling him. Some of them actually have gone against his directives."

Mr Yali says he's frustrated by the government's delay in appointing an administrator for Madang because he is unable to implement national or provincial policies without one.

Madang province has been without an administrator for 10 months and late last year the Deputy Governor and some officers were killed in a plane crash.