6 Jun 2003

Fiji's Telpac welcomes telecommunications bill

10:24 am on 6 June 2003

The Fiji-based cut-price telecommunications provider, TELPAC, has welcomed the publication of a proposed Telecommunications Bill on which the government is seeking public submissions.

The Bill, among other things, seeks to create an independent body to deregulate and introduce competition to the telecommunications industry and set tariffs and pricing.

The chief executive of TELPAC, Tim Gibbons, says if the bill is enacted, competition will open up markets and consumers can expect to enjoy reduced rates and tariffs.

Mr Gibbons says too long monopolies have been abusing public trust and unless they are forced by law, they will never ever reduce rates.

Authorities in Fiji have been trying to shut down TELPAC ever since it set up a cut-price business in competition with the monopoly Telecom Fiji and FINTEL.