16 Sep 2003

SPREP to review its core functions

10:24 am on 16 September 2003

The South Pacific Regional Environment Programme has established a taskforce to review its core functions after some island countries questioned the effectiveness of its work.

SPREP'S Executive Director, Asterio Takesy, says the taskforce is to examine the programme's core functions and change the way it implements projects.

Mr Takesy says Pacific member countries also agreed to increase their financial contributions to the programme by 21 percent to stabilise and expand the functions of SPREP's secretariat.

He says there was concern by member countries about the effectiveness of SPREP's work in the Pacific.

"the members have been calling for SPREP to be more strategic in it's work. The organisation has been operating on a project basis and so the secretariat came up with a proposed programmatic approach of looking at things another is that because the core function has never been defined there has been a moving target of this is what it is and then the coming years it's different"

Asterio Takesy says the taskforce has a year for its review of SPREP.