22 Oct 2003

Survey says Fiji workers die young

11:09 am on 22 October 2003

A survey in Fiji has found that workers are dying at a shockingly young age of just over 49 years because of unhealthy lifestyles.

This has been shown by a study of 3 hundred people insured by the Fiji Care company all of whom died within the last eighteen months.

The company's managing director, Peter McPherson, says the results are alarming because in New Zealand and Australia the average age of death stands in the lower 70s.

The survey shows that the major cause of death among the three hundred was heart disease which stood at 63 per cent, followed by cancer at eight per cent.

Mr McPherson says the results are quite alarmingwhen it is considered that those who died were working people in the prime of their lives.

He says the results could lead to an increase in premiums for those over 40.