30 Apr 2004

Vanuatu NGOs consider anti-presidential protest

3:41 pm on 30 April 2004

There is a public meeting planned in Vanuatu tomorrow to decide whether to hold a protest march next week if Alfred Maseng does not resign as President.

He was elected on Easter Monday, but since then it's been revealed that he is serving a suspended sentence for three counts including receiving stolen goods.

The state law office has asked for a judicial review of his election.

Local media reports say non-government organisations are united in their moves to have a march, but it would need the approval of the home affairs minister, George Wells.

The vice chairman of VANGO, an organisation who represent all NGO's, Douglas Ngwele, told the Daily Post, the situation is unacceptable.

Mr Ngwele questioned how they could be taken seriously if they elect a president with a criminal record to represent them.

A director for VANGO, Gideon Mael, says he is expecting more than one hundred people including chiefs, NGO's, local media and members of the general public to attend the meeting.