7 Jul 2004

Red Cross giving cash grants to storm victims in CNMI

1:15 pm on 7 July 2004

The American Red Cross is giving out cash grants to assist families in the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas whose homes suffered major damage by Typhoon TingTing.

The Red Cross is giving cash grants of up fifteen hundred US dollars.

Most recipients are expected to come from Pagan and Agrihan which were the worst hit by the storm.

The Red Cross's executive director, John Hirsh, says usually they distribute vouchers but this time they will give out money.

"We need to identify what their needs are and then empower the client to make their own decision as to where they are going to shop and exactly y'know what its gonna take to meet their emergency needs. And again, these funds aren't meant to completely meant to rebuild their homes, or to solve all their problems, but certainly its to try to address some of those emergency needs they might have."

John Hirsh says he hopes the people will also look for other resources to help them in the long term.