6 Sep 2004

Australian police deployed to Bougainville to restore law and order and help new recruits

7:35 pm on 6 September 2004

Nine Australian police being sent to the Papua New Guinea island of Bougainville tomorrow will continue the restoration of law and order began by the team of international peace monitors six years ago.

It is the first police deployment under Australia's Enhanced Co-operation Programme - a multi million dollar aid commitment to help PNG overcome lawlessness and build capacity in its police force and other public institutions.

The Minister of Bougainville Affairs, Sir Peter Barter, says the nine officers, the first of a total of 19 police being sent to Bougainville, will carry on the work of the Peace Monitoring Team, the PMT, which was withdrawn last year.

"it also coincides with the first 50 police recruits for Bougainville, so they can be properly positioned, put in place, and effectively doing their work with the assistance that would come from the Enhancement Programme"