27 Sep 2004

Marshall Islands police benefit from regional training program

2:20 pm on 27 September 2004

Marshall Islands police are benefiting from an Australian-funded regional police-training program.

About 25 police officers spent five days training that concluded on Friday in Majuro.

It was conducted by Papua New Guinea police officer Jack Yanjop and Fiji Sgt. Lavinia Lovodua, and is the first of what will be an ongoing series of hands-on training programs run by the Fiji-based program.

The project, funded by AusAid and run by the Pacific Regional Policing Initiative based in Fiji, is running training sessions for personnel at all levels, from top management to officers on the street.

Neale Fursdon, a police technical advisor from the Fiji office, says they will be supporting twice-yearly on-island training in each Forum Islands country.

The project is also bringing training officers into Fiji for intensive sessions, so they can supervise ongoing training programs in their home countries.

Mr Fursdon says some of the topics addressed last week were police professionalism, ethics, basic report writing, rights of prisoners, women's issues including domestic abuse, and community involvement.