11 Oct 2004

Solomon Islands government urged to focus on land issues

9:33 pm on 11 October 2004

The National and Provincial governments of Solomon Islands are being urged to focus more on land issues to ensure developments can take place.

A lawyer and former legal spokesperson for the militia group, Malaita Eagle Force, Andrew Nori, says the issues of land are too important for governments to ignore.

"Its very important that our government and provincial governments as a whole, put more focus on land issues. At the moment there's a pilot project being implemented by the Ministry of land, where they're trying to implement the land recording act."

Mr Nori says the pilot project is a step in the right direction by the government, given land is at the core of many issues.

Meanwhile, there has been renewed calls for the government to give urgent attention to disputed land on Guadalcanal, of which the government says they're working on establishing a Land Commission of Inquiry.