27 Oct 2004

French Polynesian government to bring charges against ousted administration

2:09 pm on 27 October 2004

The spokesman for the new government in French Polynesia says charges will be brought in a Papeete court tomorrow against members of the ousted government.

The new government led by re-elected president, Gaston Flosse, has taken over and today announced a 17-member executive.

Its spokesman, Jean Christophe Bouissou, says they will not remove members of the ousted government, who are on a hunger strike at the presidential palace.

But, Mr Bouissou says charges will be brought against members of Mr Temaru's former coalition government in the Administrative Tribunal tomorrow.

"We are going to bring them to court, not to ask the court to bring to the presidency ..... but just to ask the court to declare illegal their staying in the building of the presidency, and also to ask the court to charge a certain amount so that they will see that they cannot take any decisions like they take today."

Mr Bouissou says social reforms, including the provision of new homes and jobs for young people, will be the focus of its new term in office.