7 Jan 2005

American Samoa cannery issues warning over tuna

3:45 pm on 7 January 2005

The COS Samoa Packing cannery in American Samoa has issued a public warning about 178 wahoo, or tuna, cases that were stolen from the firm's warehouse recently.

The firm's human resources manager, Peter Galea'i says the stolen tuna cases had been put on hold for consumption because it did not meet standards.

He says the company has not received any calls about the stolen goods, which are estimated to be worth about 4 thousand dollars.

The stolen cases carried the code Me61fwacb7.

But Mr Galea'i says cans bought with this code before December the 24th were good.

He says any wahoo received or bought after December the 24th with the code on the label should not be consumed but will be replaced by the firm.

The police are investigating the theft.