18 Mar 2005

Fiji's former vice president need not pay back salary received during jail time

9:21 am on 18 March 2005

The convicted former vice president of Fiji, Ratu Jope Seniloli doesn't have to reimburse government for the salary he received whilst serving time in prison.

Fijilive reports the Prime Minister's Office has defended Seniloli, saying that in accordance with the law he was still vice president until the day the Great Council of Chiefs accepted his resignation.

The Prime Minister's chief executive officer, Jioji Kotobalavu, said Seniloli had been imprisoned according to law but hadn't resigned as vice president.

Mr Kotobalavu said it was lawful that Seniloli was being paid a pension as the former vice president.

Seniloli was released from jail under a Compulsory Supervision Order and is currently under house arrest.

He was convicted for taking an unlawful oath to become the usurper president during the coup in 2000.