24 May 2005

Vanished politicians in French Polynesia to be remembered

7:15 am on 24 May 2005

A commemoration will be held in French Polynesia today for three opposition MPs who vanished three years ago.

This will be marked in the town of Arue on Tahiti where one of the politicians, the Fetia Api Party leader, Boris Leontieff, was mayor.

Walter Zweifel reports.

"No wreckage was found of the small plane which disappeared in the Tuamotu archipelago where the three politicians were campaigning. Its disappearance has never been explained but has led to speculation that there may have been foul play or that the aircraft may have been diverted. This follows a rumour that the pilot was seen in Latin America. Last month, France sent an expert to re-examine the fuel used for the flight. The politicians' wives meanwhile have approached the French president to explore if the United States took satellite images of the Tuamoru area at the time of the presumed crash. And they have asked the territorial assembly to open a new inquiry to find out what happened."