30 May 2005

Public prosecutors in Solomon Islands reject Amnesty International claims

4:10 pm on 30 May 2005

Public prosecutors in Solomon Islands are staunchly defending their record with violent crimes against women in the country.

Amnesty International says in a recent report that despite the assistance of RAMSI, Solomon Island authorities have failed to punish many responsible for rape and other violent acts during the ethnic tension between 1998 and 2003.

However the director of public prosecutions, John Cauchi, says these claims are baseless.

"They are being prosecuted and I don't quite understand why it's being said that they are not being prosecuted. No-one's been given a license, or any immunity for any acts of violence committed against women, or anyone, during the time of the tensions."

Mr Cauchi says that the organisation should contact police if it knows of cases where violent criminals have not been brought to justice.