31 May 2005

More bodies found in river after tribal fight in Papua New Guinea

10:27 am on 31 May 2005

Papua New Guinea police say more bodies have been found dead in a river, following a tribal fight in the Western Highlands.

Tribal men raided the OK Corporation's coffee plantation in Kimil earlier this month, and a fight broke out.

It's understood the clash was sparked by the sale of a bad corn cob by a girl from Enga province which led to an assault followed by a compensation payment, that didn't reach all aggrieved parties.

As a result, unconfirmed reports say that up to 60 people, including women and children, died as a result of the clash.

Police media spokesman David Terry, says the official death toll so far is 12.

"After three more bodies were recovered from the river, the situation has quietened down there, with mobile police in the area now, maintaining the peace and harmony there.13"