27 Oct 2005

CID of NZ disappointed in Forum communique

10:06 pm on 27 October 2005

Meanwhile the Council of International Development in New Zealand says it is disappointed that the voices of the people seem to have been ignored by the Pacific Islands Forum.

The CID director, Rae Julian was part of a group of NGOs which met before the leaders' summit to compile a civil society communique which was given to the Forum Secretary-General.

However Ms Julian says the Forum Communique doesn't even acknowlege receipt of their recomendation to slow the process of the Pacific Plan.

She says the lack of proper consultation means many people on the ground will find it hard to buy into the plan.

"It'll be implemented from the top. The leaders will no doubt go ahead and do it but, how effective will it really be? Our fear is that it'll just be another piece of paper to be added to all the other pieces of paper that get produced on a regular basis around the world and nothing really substantive will happen to tackle the real issues that we were made very aware of."

The CID director, Rae Julian.