10 Nov 2005

American Samoa senate president supports voters' choice of constitution

5:21 pm on 10 November 2005

American Samoa's Senate President says there's a consensus among the territory's people that they should be the ones to decide any changes to the constitution.

Lolo Letalu Moliga says Congressman Faleomavaega's bill which removes the provision that Congress approve changes to the American Samoa Constitution, Lolo is a start to giving the voters of the territory the right to decide their own affairs.

With the change that Congressman Faleomavaega is proposing, any constitutional amendments, once approved by the legislature, will be put to the voters of American Samoa at a general election.

Lolo says the final say on any changes to American Samoa's constitution should ultimately be removed from congress...

"Then any change will be approved by the secretary of the interior. The ultimate goal of our people is to see that any change or any amendment to the constitution would be approved by the people and that's the final power or the final say as far as any change."

Senate president Lolo Letalu Moliga