22 Dec 2005

PNG police issue warnings over threat to sabotage water and power sources

4:03 pm on 22 December 2005

Police in Morobe have been instructed to keep an eye on the power and water sources for the Papua New Guinea city of Lae.

The instructions come after the Ahi community threatened to sabotage power and water to the city if the provincial government did not evict settlers on the outskirts of Lae.

Ahi leader, Benson Nablu, was recently attacked by settlers and has been campaigning for them to be removed.

The community is angry because the Provincial Governor Luther Wenge says no evictions will take place as not all settlers are criminals and the land issue is complex.

However Mr Wenge says he will not be intimidated into changing his mind and if the Ahi people do commit any sabotage they will be dealt with by law.

"If they do, there is going to be a force of law. We're not going to pull our hands in and see these things happen. So I told the police force to keep a look out on those, they're on guard and I think there is sufficient police force to combat any actual sabotage."