29 Dec 2005

Civil servants not paid enough in Vanuatu, suggests tribunal

7:31 pm on 29 December 2005

The government remuneration tribunal in Vanuatu says key civil servants aren't being paid enough.

The newspaper, the Daily Post, reports the tribunal compared the cost of living against the base pay rate, and found a deficit of 1-hundred and 60 per cent in basic salaries of the key jobs in the Public Service.

The tribunal says the top-tier civil servants are being paid 55 per cent less than the market rate, and nearly 4-hundred per cent less than in other Pacific Island nations.

The tribunal found that teachers' salaries had deteriorated 27 per cent against the Consumer Price Index since the last teachers' salary increase more than a decade ago.

The Tribunal purportedly found it difficult to measure the value of work done by ministers in the political arena, saying there were no service delivery targets.