24 Jan 2006

Organiser of Benny Hinn Fiji healing crusade says the cures were genuine

1:39 pm on 24 January 2006

The man who invited an American preacher to Fiji for a healing crusade is dismissing criticism the seeming miracle cures were a sham.

Benny Hinn's three day so-called Miracle Crusade has been blasted as stage-managed with doubters saying only carefully-selected people were brought on stage to testify they were healed.

But Pastor Manassa Kolivuso of the Christian Fellowship says the criticism is without foundation.

"I was asked if people were paid to fake their healing. There is no truth in that. I was told that there was a list drawn up already for people to go there and be handpicked to go up on to the stage and fake their healing. There is no truth in that."

Pastor Kolivuso says there is no doubt in his mind, the testimony of ill people's that Benny Hinn cured them, is genuine.

He says Pastor Hinn received no money from the crusade and paid for everything himself.