1 Feb 2006

Date set for Solomon Islands general election but not made public

5:09 pm on 1 February 2006

A date has been set to hold general elections in Solomon Islands but it is yet to be made public.

And, until it is, nobody can be officially declared as candidates in the race to fill the 50 seats in parliament.

The chief electoral officer, Musu Kevu, says the elections must be held by April 28th to comply with the legal requirements that it occurs within four months of the dissolution of parliament which was at the end of December.

But, Mr Kevu will not reveal the date.

"That I cannot say. We've been given the date but we are not allowed to say anything and it depends very much on our governor-general to make that proclamation publicly."

Mr Kevu says it may be later this month before the governor-general makes the announcement.