21 Apr 2006

No Fiji government compensation likely for four Fijians killed in Iraq

1:10 pm on 21 April 2006

It's believed that the families of the four Fijian security guards killed in an ambush in Iraq are unlikely to receive any compensation from the Fiji government.

Malakai Sekibureta, Iosefo Cagi, Manasa Navakaro and Kelemedi Dreuvakabalawa were killed when the supply convoy they were escorting to the US airbase at Kirkuk was ambushed by insurgents.

The men had been employed by an American company, Risk Control Group, whose Fiji agent is outgoing government MP, Col Jonetani Kaukeimoce.

Col Kaukeimoce says they had completed their contracts last week and were on their way home when they joined a civilian company, the International Security Group, from Kuwait.

He says the government is unlikely to assist the families because the four had signed private contracts.

"I understand that they were ambushed from both sides of the road and they heard some fighting, the shooting was very heavy. And because the Fijians were participating they managed to minimise the casualties."

Col Kaukeimoce says he's volunteered to help the families and is seeking financial compensation for them from the Kuwaiti company.