28 Jun 2006

Fij's Labour Party holds emergency meeting after sacking threat

2:51 pm on 28 June 2006

An emergency meeting is to be held by the Fiji Labour party this afternoon after its leader, Mahendra Chaudhry, threatened to sack those opposed to him within the party.

The meeting follows a growing rift between the leader and a group of senior party members.

Moera Tuilaepa reports.

"The Fiji Labour Party leader Mahendra Chaudhry, is threatening to sack his cabinet ministers and backbenchers if they do not toe the party line. He's said no member is above the party and that includes that Labour cabinet ministers who he's told to speak along party lines on important national issues. But, the deputy leader, Poseci Bune, and several other senior Labour people, are opposing Mr Chaudhry's stance and say his paper laying down rules for the conduct of Labour cabinet members has no official status in the party. One MP, who's not been named, is reported to have said that Mr Chaudhry has lost the plot and it's time for him to pass the reins to someone else. An emergency Labour party board meeting has been called for this afternoon in order address the crisis within the party. It won't be attended by Mr Chaudhry, who left the country today for an overseas trip."