6 Jul 2006

Rubbish accumulates after Tonga's garbage workers take redundancy

3:38 pm on 6 July 2006

The Tonga Government urgently needs new workers to replace its rubbish collectors who have taken their redundancy package and gone home.

Matangi Tonga reports that rubbish has been piling up on roadsides since last Friday when the government rubbish collection service for Nuku'alofa ended after workers accepted the government's redundancy package and went home.

The website also says, whether by design or default, Nuku'alofa's single rubbish truck broke down on the same day.

Niu Fakakovikaetau of the Public Health Sector of the Ministry of Health says the Minister of Health, Dr Villiami Tangi has instructed them to hire trucks and new labourers in order to start picking-up rubbish bins.

There is also a lot of rubbish lying around down-town Nuku'alofa after the king's birthday celebration of the past few days.