13 Jul 2006

Senior Fiji Labour dissidents said to be supported by majority of Labour MPs

8:59 am on 13 July 2006

The five senior Fiji Labour Party dissidents who have been challenging Mahendra Chaudhry's autocratic leadership style are reported to have the support of the majority of the party's members of parliament.

Radio Legend says this has been revealed by one of the five, Felix Anthony.

Mr Anthony is quoted as saying matters are becoming difficult for members because Mr Chaudhry has refused to call a meeting of the Labour Party's management board where his opponents have a majority.

He says it would be best for the party in the long term to deal with this issue effectively now.

On the party leadership, Mr Anthony says it is up to the supporters of the Fiji Labour Party to decide whether a change is now imminent.

Meanwhile, the former deputy leader of the FLP who fell out with Mr Chaudhry in 2001, Dr Tupeni Baba, says Poseci Bune and Krishna Datt should have gathered caucus support while Mr Chaudhry was overseas recently and elected their new parliamentary leader.

Dr Baba, who is now an SDL senator, says right now Mr Bune and Mr Datt are in a tight corner because Mr Chaudhry is trying to gather support and as soon as he thinks he has the majority, he will strike.