21 Jul 2006

Kiribati men adrift for 70 days

11:21 am on 21 July 2006

Three men from Kiribati who drifted for more than 70 days in a small outboard motor boat are now in Pohnpei in the Federated States of Micronesia.

The trio left Tarawa in Kiribati shortly after April 14th and drifted nearly a thousand miles to the west after the boat ran out of petrol.

They were found on June 28th by a Taiwanese purse seiner which transferred them to a Pohnpei Marine Services vessel that was heading to its home base.

All three showed signs and symptoms of moderate to severe dehydration, starvation, stress ulcers and disorientation.

One of the men told their rescuers they had seen more than 10 vessels during their two-and-a-half month ordeal, but none came to their assistance.