25 Jul 2006

Samoa government seeks help from New Zealand to collect loan debts

6:13 am on 25 July 2006

Samoa Housing Corporation has approached one of New Zealand's debt collecting companies BayCorp, to help collect loan debts from Samoans now living in New Zealand permanently.

The move comes after parliament last week debated the corporation's annual report which shows over 100 thousand US Dollars in debt.

The amount is owed by a number of borrowers including those who left the country in the annual immigration quota scheme.

The chief executive, Mata'utia Rula Levi, in the Samoa Observer says the corporation has also asked the New Zealand High Commission and Immigration services for assistance.

She said around 200-thousand US Dollars in debt in the last ten years had to be written off.

Rula says her staff would not just sit back and do nothing about the problem.

The Prime Minister in parliament had said the corporation will still proceed with legal actions in order to recover funds.