1 Nov 2006

Papuan People's Assembly to study empowerment programmes for New Zealand Maori

11:00 am on 1 November 2006

The Papuan People's Assembly, the MRP,will visit New Zealand next month to study programmes used to empower the country's indigenous Maori population.

The programmes will be used as a model for the indigenous Papuans empowerment agenda, stipulated in the 2001 law on Papua's special autonomy.

The trip will be the MRP's first overseas visit since it was established in 2005.

The MRP Vice Speaker, Frans A. Wospakrik, says New zealand was chosen because the programmes had given the Maori people respect and opportunities like any other citizens.

Besides meeting government officials, the MRP members will also meet

members of the Maori community to learn about their culture and how

government programmes had enabled their communities to develop.