1 Dec 2006

Fiji's PM says still room for discussion with the military despite coup threat

8:07 am on 1 December 2006

Fiji's Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase says there is still room for discussion with the military, despite it's commander refusing to accept concessions already offered.

The army chief, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, has threatened a military coup at 1 this afternoon, unless the government meets all of his demands.

He has described the Prime Minister as not forthcoming.

However, the Prime Minister, Mr Qarase says he's already given in to a range of demands, including a promise to suspend three controversial bills.

He says there is still room for more negotiating if that's what the military wants, although he says the commodore appears to be ignoring his efforts.

Laisenia Qarase says he's hopeful the threatened coup won't go ahead this afternoon, and he will continue with his business as usual.