8 Dec 2006

Hearings on immigration and civil aviation audits in Solomon Islands

5:00 pm on 8 December 2006


The chairman of the public accounts committee in Solomon Islands, Francis Zama, has announced the committee will hold more public inquiries into recent reports from the auditor general to parliament.

The committee has just finished a hearing into the reports on the ministry of health and medical services and the national referral hospital.

The chairman says the two-day hearing was very productive.

Mr Zama says the committee will now hold public hearings on the audits into immigration and civil aviation.

The chairman says reports in the two government departments had identified serious shortcomings and breakdowns in procedures, control systems and internal controls resulting in public money being wasted.

Mr Zama said the public accounts committee is intent on ensuring problems exposed by the auditor general's reports were remedied and that public funds are used for the services intended.