29 Mar 2007

Five police suspended in PNG after assault on police prosecutor

7:13 pm on 29 March 2007

Five police officers in Papua New Guinea have been suspended over the assault against the director of police prosecutions, Chief Superintendent Thomas Eluh.

The Police Commissioner, Gary Baki, says he ordered their immediate suspension over the unacceptable attack.

The chief superintendent was with his ten year old son in the Port Moresby area when he was stopped to be served with a suspension order but was kicked, beaten and had guns pointed at him in an assault which left him bruised and bleeding.

A local media report quoted some police as saying the police force was dividing into two again.

Commissioner Baki, whose appointment was controversial, denies this but says he does need backing from more senior officers to end this type of behaviour.

"I cannot do it alone as the Commissioner of Police. It needs complete support from all the other senior officers of the constabulary. If they're dishonest in what they're doing, you're bound to have that kind of situation coming up."