12 Apr 2007

Counsellors needed to help Solomon Islanders overcome tsunami fear

1:48 pm on 12 April 2007

The Premier of the Solomon Islands' Choiseul province says his people are in need of professional counselling following the tsunami which hit the region last week.

Jackson Kiloe says although people are slowly moving from the hilltops back to their coastal communities, they fear that there will be another tsunami.

Mr Kiloe says that 4,000 people have been left homeless following the destruction of 1,500 houses.

He says a recent shipment of tents and food has brought welcome relief but more supplies are needed.

"Cooking utensils and basic tools so that people can use to rebuild their homes, maybe nails, hammer, saw. We need tents, the weather is not looking good her, we are experiencing wet season now. There are a number of tents now being distributed but I feel that it's still inadequate."

The Premier of Choiseul province, Jackson Kiloe.