10 May 2007

Concern over PNG government pre-election policy initiatives

3:52 pm on 10 May 2007

There are concerns in Papua New Guinea that the government is unleashing a series of policy initiatives when on the eve of the national elections.

The director of the Institute of National Affairs, Paul Barker, says it is critical for the government and the country to be geared to the election process, preparing the way for the incoming administration.

But he says in recent weeks there has been a raft of commitments made in fisheries, agro-forestry, mining, and petroleum - spending he says that should not considered so close to the poll.

"There is certainly a concern that for example with the new Petromin and the proposed agreement in relation to one of oil companies this week that maybe it is determining resource management and undermining prospects for future government."

Paul Barker of the Institute of National Affairs in PNG