23 May 2007

Fiji police and military can arrest people under emergency regulations says acting commissioner

3:15 pm on 23 May 2007

Fiji's acting police commissioner, Romanu Tikotikoca, says the police and the military can arrest people under the emergency regulations.

But, he says the use of force, under the public emergency regulations, is limited to when an arrest is in the process of being made and it cannot be used at other times.

Mr Tikotikoca was speaking after several people complained of being physically assaulted or threatened when they were taken up to the military camp for interrogation over thei anti-coup stance.

The acting police commissioner says when the military arrest people, they can be taken to the camp for questioning.

"Under the emergency regulations and the powers of arrest, the armed forces, that is the military and the police, they have the power to effect arrests on cases that an offence is committed under the emergency regulations, they have the power of making arrests."

Romanu Tikotikoca

The people taken to the camp were neither arrested nor charged.