6 Jun 2007

Fiji regime continues to face question over its legality

1:49 pm on 6 June 2007

The ongoing questions over the legality of Fiji's ruling regime is continuing to call into question the work of the Independent Commission Against Corruption.

Cases have already been brought over the validity of the interim administration and the creation of the Commission.

A lecturer at the University of the South Pacific's Law School in Vanuatu, Ian Fraser, says the interim prime minister appears to have lost faith in the ability of the democratic process to clean up.

He says Commodore Frank Bainimarama also does not believe the existing institutions are capable of ridding the country of corruption:

"So they are trying to bring in a sort of outside agency, super clean and unaccountable to anyone exceopt to the president, to the regime, to try to clean it up with one stroke, even if that very act is itself unlawful, like a movie when a police officer decides to tkae the law into its own hands ."

Mr Fraser says the commission might be able to clear up some corruption merely by bringing such issues to light even if they fail to secure any sort of conviction.