18 Aug 2007

Conference in Samoa to revive passion for missionary work

10:34 am on 18 August 2007

The first ever conference to revive the passion for missionary work among Samoans begins in Savaii today.

Called "Samoa for Missions", the conference has attracted Samoan missionaries from around the globe, and international inter-dominational Christian speakers, and hundreds of youth.

One Guest Speaker and Organiser, Lupematasila Vaeluaga Eli, from Youth with a Mission, says he believes Samoans are very good missionaries.

"Its the missionaries that are really at the forefront of our nations blessings and really they are the ones who are not only be a blessing to our nation but will be a blessing to other nations. Samoans are the best missionaries, as they can adapt to any culture, and they can live anywhere."

The conference begins in Sapapali'i Savai'i until the 20th.

It then moves to Upolu from the 21 to 23, and then American Samoa from 25 to 29.