15 Sep 2007

Greenpeace has no position regarding exports of live dolphins

9:55 am on 15 September 2007

Greenpeace says it has no position regarding the export of live dolphins.

The Solomons Islands government has taken up the export of live dolphin recently despite a ban introduced in 2005.

The previous government stopped the export of live dolphins after an international outcry following the export of almost 30 Solomons dolphins to an aquatic park in Mexico.

But a Greenpeace representative, Nilesh Goundar, says it has no comment to make on Solomon Island's resumption of the live dolphins trade.

"We have not developed a position as yet on that, because at the moment the campaign we are working on in the Pacific is on tuna fisheries. I am not in a position to comment on that."

Greenpeace representative, Nilesh Goundar.