5 Oct 2007

NZ businesses look to tap into Guam development projects

4:15 pm on 5 October 2007

The head of a New Zealand trade mission to Guam for next week's regional business conference says there is a huge scope of development her country can tap into.

The 4th Conference on Business Opportunities in the Islands aims to explore investment, joint venture and other opportunities in US affiliated areas.

However, the main focus for talks is expected to be the impending relocation of more than 8,000 US marines from Okinawa to Guam.

The relocation is estimated to require more than 14 billion US dollars in construction work, and building up of infrastructure.

New Zealand's associate minister for Pacific Island affairs, Luamanavao Winnie Laban, says the delegation she is taking to the conference will look to stimulate two-way trade.

"A lot of those businesses that are going from New Zealand will purely be going to seek opportunities where they can essentially get some contracts to assist with the construction and the infrastructure development with not only the relocation of the military base but also to all the other developments too because no doubt there'll be a huge movement of people."

Luamanavao Winnie Laban